Photo by Robert Wagoner

Photo by Robert Wagoner

Sasha Rydlizky is a Brooklyn-based movement artist and teacher.

Sasha is fascinated by our shared human experience. As a performing artist, she works with the body to uncover collective and individual truths. As a teacher, she strives to facilitate a free and inclusive space open for discovery.


Photo by Serge Cashman


  • Private and Semi-Private Classes

  • Group Classes

Vinyasa, Alignment, Gentle, Power/Toning, Restorative/Therapeutic, Meditation, Kids Yoga . . . and more!

Yoga can be for every body- let’s create a program that fits your needs!


  • Performance

  • Choreography

  • Teaching

Photo by Steven Herzog

Photo by Kit Kittle


  • Art and Figure Modeling

Let’s work together- contact me to find out more!